Check out this "speed drawing" video of artist, Tim Holtrop, sketching
a cartoon animal character he designed for a comic book project!

Tim Holtrop's Sketchbook: Digger, the ornery ol' gopher

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Hi, everyone! I'm drawing a sketch of "Digger", an ornery old gopher character I designed for Roland Mann's comic book project, "BEAH".

This sketch starts with a "blueline" construction sketch, followed by pencilling.

The Blueline Sketch: I sketch the figure breakdown lightly to capture the pose and the action of the figure. Then, I flesh out the figure using 3-dimensional masses, like cylinders & boxes (not many boxes on this one, though), to help establish the forms in 3-d space. I also tighten up some of the figure's features.

The Pencil Sketch: I sketch contour lines, tightening up the what the blue lines defined -- I like to start with heads...then, the contours of the body. I fill in black areas and add some detail...

...and the sketch is done!

Thanks for watching!


Music: ©2016 Caleb Holtrop.

Art By: Tim Holtrop - Storyboard Artist / Illustrator
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